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New Housi, Old Housi, Let's make it Your Housi!

Dreaming of starting your own project but have no idea where to start?

It can be daunting and stressful when faced with conflicting information and unfamiliar professionals. 

At Housi, we offer a seamless matchmaking service that connects you with our network of trusted architects, engineers, surveyors, and other essential professionals for your renovation journey. We understand the importance of trust when working on your dream project.

From A to Z, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Relax, request a quote, or book a call with us below because at Housi, we're here to guide you.


Does the journey sound familiar?

Not really sure how this process works...but it already seems more costly than what we expected...

Neighbour wants party wall surveyor- how much will that cost now and why didn't we know before!? ££

Renovations can be an emotional journey with many ups and downs

Designs approved!

We need someone else now- who/why? £

Budget through the roof,  more changes & so many questions! Help! £££

I can't take this anymore...

We're here to smooth the road!

Modern Bathroom

Creating your dream home shouldn't be stressful! Let us ease the process...

Finding suitable architects, and other professionals for your home project should be easy. We understand there are different types of clients and different types of professionals which is why we are building Housi - to help you find all the professionals you need quickly, and easily online in one place. We want to connect the dots from A to Z - starting with architects, so you can focus the fun stuff - imagining your dream home!

We know how long it takes to call each different practice and professional, taking hours, and weeks but still feeling unsure about it all. 

What We Offer

Already spent hours calling several practices receiving expensive quotes or being told your dream house is too small of a project?

We know the journey from start to finish doesn't seem to make sense and nothing is connected. This is where we want to make a difference by connecting those dots, those professionals and each separate stage.

We will help you find local architects and other professionals instead of expensive practices with large overheads, provide free guides to help you understand each stage of your project, and can even help you through project management.

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Find an Architect

At Housi we get the architects to come to you. Request a quote online & you will receive a short list of prices from architects ready to work on your project!

Build My Brief Tool

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Sometimes we don't know all the factors that might affect a project. Use our handy tool to help build a clear, consistent brief for architects, helping to achieve more accurate quotes and helping you make decisions along the way.

Free Project Guides

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Planning, Building Control, Party Walls, Tender processes and more are all covered in our free guides with clear, easy to understand diagrams.
All you need to know, and who you need to start & finish your own project.

Personalised Dashboard

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Our personalised dashboard will be your online space to speak to your architect, share ideas, review drawings and even help manage costs and timings of your project during construction.

By home-lovers for home owners.

As architects, property developers, and homeowners we understand first-hand how stressful a simple house extension can be.

The process is disparate and it can be daunting hiring a professional when you are not entirely sure what is needed or what the norms are. 

We know that not everyone has a positive experience with their architects and other industry professionals - we are here to change that!

This is why we will be providing free guides and tools to inform and empower you before even speaking to an architect, speeding up your design.

Holly at Housi did architectural drawings for our loft conversion in E17. Before we started, the options presented to us were clearly laid out and easy to pick from. Holly turned around the drawings quickly, answered our questions and coped with our changes of layout easily and was a great source of advice throughout. We look forward to working with Holly when our building starts. Thank you very much for your support! 

Matt & Rebecca, Homeowners

Moving Day

Download your free
step-by-step guide

Understand the overall process and the various stages required before speaking to any professional.

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